Why Mashed Life?

Dozens of interesting web 2.0 sites pop up every week. You are getting oodles of invitations from your friends. How do you keep all your logins and passwords straight? Post-it notes everywhere? Get Mashed Life! Mashed Life is a a true web-based secure password management service, free & incredibly simple.

More than username & password management

Mashed Life keeps adding additional services that help you get a handle on your online life.

Want to group (tag) or search for an account quickly? Want to export your accounts from browsers? Share accounts with friends without telling your passwords? Log in to all your accounts from an iPhone? It is just a better life with all the benefits delivered safely.

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Anyone can join Mashed Life

All that's needed to join Mashed Life is a valid email address. Once you register, you can invite your friends too. They will thank you for it.

Keep it private

At Mashed Life, we believe that people should have control over how they share their information and who can see it. No Mashed Life employees will be able to see any of your account credentials. We go through regular audit with Better Business Bureau, Trueste, etc. When we can afford, we'll invite more 3rd-party audits.

How it works?

To learn more about Mashed Life before joining, take our walkthrough.

Our business model

By selling our VIP membership, secure logon keys, enterprise single sign-on by Mashed life.

The team

Paul Chen