Frequently Asked Questions

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0: Five Best Practices to Manage All Your Web Accounts & Passwords

1: What is the "Bookmark Login" and how do I use it?

The "Bookmark Login" is a Mashed Life tool that makes logging into your favorite sites easier and quicker.

Secondly, once you have the Bookmark Login ready to go and you are logged in to Mashed Life - In either a new tab or a new window, navigate to any of the web sites already saved within Mashed Life and just click on the Bookmark Login by selecting it from Bookmarks/Favorites and you will be instantly and safely logged in to that site!

You need only ONE Mashed Life login bookmark to log in to all sites because the login bookmark automatically detects what site you are trying to log in to when your browser navigates to that site.

Lastly, once you log out from Mashed Life the Bookmark Login no longer takes effect, but you will still be logged in to other sites you have logged in during this session, so don't forget to close your browser windows! :)
Need an illustration? This video and Walk-through should help:

2: I have multiple accounts of a site, how do I choose one of them when using bookmark login?

  • Launch the site from within Mashed Life by clicking on the site + username link Then Mashed Life's Bookmark Login will choose that username to login to the site.

  • If you want your later logins to the site use the previous account you chose for the site, edit your Preferences from the link at the top left corner and check the 'Remember Previous' box.

3: What if I forget to log out from Mashed Life? Set timeout or use remote logout?

Mashed Life will log you out automatically after the set timeout of inactivity. You can customize your timeout period by clicking 'Edit Account' after the user account name at the upper left corner after you log in.

You can also remotely log out your sessions logged in on other computers.

4: Can I trust Mashed Life?

Yes! Absolutely! Most Certainly! Being hacked is simply not an option for our business. We put our lives to protect your accounts.

Mashed Life was certified by the high standards of Trust-e and Better Business Bureau to protect each user's privacy. Your personal data is encrypted no matter in storage or in transmission, they will not be sold to marketers, will not be seen by anyone and we disallow anyone to spam on our users. Feel free to check out our Privacy Statement

In short we use similar techniques & processes that we had been doing in VeriSign for years when doing private key escrow for VeriSign customers. That's has been proven to be effective and smart. And that prevents intrusion by insiders and outsiders.

We go through auditing with Truste and BBB regularly. When we can afford we'll invite more 3rd-party audits.

5: What is a password hint and when should I use it?

If for some reason you don't feel comfortable with trusting your passwords to Mashed Life, then you can store a password hint that only you will know how to decipher into a password. It can be anything short, sweet and easy to remember like a pet's name, your high school or first car etc... Totally your call!

6: Are the accounts managed by Mashed Life safe?

Click here to learn how Mashed Life works to keep you safe step by step.

Our communication uses SSL to encrypt all traffic carrying account information. In the architecture we follow the strict FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) standard. We use hardware crypto devices and enforce multi-level encryption of user data plus secret splitting among the system and database administrators. If Mashed Life detects excessive failed login attempts to your account, it will be locked temporarily.

We the founders are versed in the security areas for more than a decade. We put ours and our families' online credentials there for a long time, matured it, all in love with it, then we opened it up to the public.

We follow the high standards of FIPS which we have certificates with, enforce security rules and vulnerability analysis on daily basis like what we used in VeriSign, a major information security company we worked for. where we worked for.

With Mashed Life you can start using long, complex and different passwords for different sites and no longer worry about forgetting them. So it is actually more secure by using Mashed Life.

7: When Bookmark Login fails to log me to some sites, see here:

  1. First make sure your username/password are correct for that site.
  2. Make sure the site URL (say of an account you add to Mashed Life is the same as the site ( you want to log into.
  3. Strict browser privacy settings may block it to go through. We suggest users to set privacy settings to default or medium high.
  4. Use popular, up-to-date browsers to get the best experience. Firefox is the recommended browser.
  5. If the login page is a Flash-based, which we haven't been able to tackle that yet. But you can almost always find a "login" link that leads you to a HTML-based login page. Then click on Bookmark login from there, and it would work as usual.

  6. Certain financial sites have their special ways to log in other than just username/password. We are not yet working with all of them. So we suggest putting the credentials in the 'Notes' section of the account and log in manually. We are trying to work with most of them one after another. Since each is different, the progress is slow.

The last resort would be to view your password under the 'edit' section of your account page, then login manually.

8: What if I suspect unauthorized use of my accounts?

Even though it is very unlikely - but if you think your account has been compromised, tell us. After we verify your request is legit, we'll either suspend access or even remove of all your encrypted account information stored in Mashed Life based on your request.

9: I'm using the password manager in my browser, why should I use Mashed Life?

  • Mashed Life works across different browsers on any platform and on any machine, even on your iPhone.
  • If you work with several PCs at work and at home, you will find it particularly useful.
  • And it is a major security risk to store passwords in the browser's password manager.

10: How does Mashed Life differ from OpenID?

OpenID and Mashed Life are working from two different ends. OpenID saves time on registering on different sites, and Mashed Life manages your existing web accounts.

OpenID, Liberty Alliance, Passport, SAML are great technologies and the Mashed Life founders have worked with many of them at one point during their careers. But the fundamental problems are:

  • They require all sites to adopt the OpenID standard and implement it into the sites' front end and backend which easily takes months to plan and execute.
  • Most web sites today do not support OpenID.
  • Many claim they support OpenID for PR purposes but actually they don't do much about it.
  • OpenID's usability is unbearable even for a pro.
  • Sites interpret & implement OpenID in their own fashion that we often run into incompatibility problems.
  • OpenID issuers trust only OpenIDs they issued and do not trust OpenIDs issued by others, so I end up having many OpenIDs, each logs you into a group of sites. That's even harder to manage than passwords.

But who knows? Maybe someday Mashed Life will support those technologies, too! :)

11: What if I want extra protection for all my accounts in Mashed Life?

First, make a long complex password in Mashed Life.

Plus, Secure Key provides the hardware crypto protection which is not only your convenient Mashed Life login key but also a highly secure key that uses 32-char one-time password that is different each time you use it. So you will never have password stolen problems. And it works on any platform, any computer that has a USB port.

12: Why I do not have to sign in to Mashed Life when entering from Facebook?

Mashed Life has developed a Facebook widget to allow users to enter Mashed Life directly by holding the Facebook "passport". Since there is a secure authentication & protocol based on one-time password over secure SSL between Facebook and Mashed Life, we know your Mashed Life account when you click on the Mashed Life widget on Facebook.

Just like when you hold a US passport you can enter certain countries without a visa, it is the same logic here.

13: Can I use Mashed Life for corporate intranet single sign-on?

Yes. Since today's intranet corporate resources are mostely behind web sites that employees, contractors or partners have accounts to log in to.

Each employee can either store all their accounts under one Mashed Life account to access their corporate sites, or the administrators can share designated accounts to each employee.

Mashed corporate life has been very helpful particularly for SMB businesses. Contact us if you like to deploy mashed corporate life for your corporate intranet or extranet over a VLAN.

14: Why use a Secure Key as a strong authentication + convenience login device?

15: On a Mac, there are keyboard assistant pop-ups when using Secure Key!

See here.

16: Some sites ask me to enter more than username + password to log in.

Yes some sites require entering more information to log in. Eg. Group ID, Accounting ID, etc. We did experiments with heuristics generalized from many of these sites. But it is still not good enough to get the accuracy to 90% so we postpone this feature for now until that becomes a major priority.

We suggest you put that information in the 'Note' field of the account since those information are mostly not secrets.

17: Why you don't do password reset by asking personal questions like many sites do?

3 reasons:

  1. It is too intrusive to ask people private questions such as your mom, birthplace, etc. upon sign-up time.
  2. How many passwords can a user remember? It quickly becomes unmanageable after several password resets.
  3. Easy to break! Google for a person, you can find about half of the answers. It is easy to guess based on a person's Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

    Even worse the information is almost like your fingerprint, you can't change your mom's name, etc. This is an even bigger security loophole & privacy invasion in our opinion.

    Eg. Sarah Palin's email account was cracked that way.

    Even though many sites, even big sites are doing that. We think it is not good practice. Nothing is perfect in this case, but a temp password delivered to your phone may be a little bit better.

18: What will happen to my accounts if you go out of business?

The user can always retrieve full account information by clicking the 'Edit' link under that account. If for some reason Mashed Life decides to go out of business, we guarantee to offer at least 2 months of advanced notice for every user to download account information.

19: Do you act as a middle man that can see activities between my browser and the target site?

No, Mashed Life is not a proxy. It is just filling out the login form to help the user log in, then transfers the control back to the user's browser to communicate with the target site directly. No communication goes through Mashed Life after you are logged in.

20: In Firefox 3, if you have problems ...

  • Why I'm still asked to log in after clicking on Bookmark Login?

    You have to enable cookies, and add an exception to allow cookies from Mashed Life since the login process involves it.

  • If you installed NoScript add-on, under the Options link in your browser, allow, and allow the target site you are logging into. Things seem work all right that way.

21: Is Mashed Life immune from key logger or Trojan horse attacks?

Yes. See how it works.

22: How to classify, categorize my accounts?

Use tags to achieve that! When you add or edit an account, enter the tags associated to the account such as Work, Home, School, Game, Fun, Video, etc., separated by commas.

This is easier than a hierarchical classification tree since you are able to view & edit your information from multiple dimensions.

Under the My Accounts tab, you can click on the tag filter to find all accounts having that tag. Eg. clicking on the "phone" tag to list all phone-related accounts.

23: Enter multi-byte content (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, ...) in Mashed Life

Yes. You can use it in the site name, tag, note. When entering, set the browser encoding to UTF-8.

24: What happens if I can't get internet access?

If you want to access your passwords off-line, you may want to consider the off-line password managers integrated with Mashed Life. But they only works on Windows.

25: What if I lose my Secure Key?

Even worse, I've enabled the option that I can only log in using the key - what if I lose the key then?

Ans: Based on your key purchase information, shipping address, and other subtlties such as when you created your Mashed Life account, your last access, what accounts you stored in Mashed Life, your preference settings, etc., we will then resend a Secure Key to your address or reset your account.

26: What if I lose a Secure Key that has no PIN protection?

Secure Key without PIN protection is a convenience feature to allows easy access by kids or elders or a Mashed Life account storing non-important accounts.

27: Why should I put Secure Key on my key ring?

  1. It is less likely to lose it. If Secure Key is attached on your key ring and you lose it, you will find out immediately when you can't open the door or the car so you can report the loss early.
  2. If putting in the wallet, no matter how sturdy Secure Key is, there is a higher chance to bend and break it.

28: Will my data be deleted if I didn't login for months?

No. They will not. But if over years without any activity on Mashed Life, they may. Before any purging, we will always notify the user 1 month ahead. If your VIP membership is still valid, your accounts will not be deleted even without activities.

29: How can I make my Secure Key to open a different browser during auto-navigation?

Secure Key by default, opens the default browser on your computer.

To set Internet Explorer as the default browser:
  1. On the menu bar under Internet Options
  2. Click the Programs tab.
  3. Check the option Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser
  4. Next time you open Internet Explorer, you should be prompted to set it as the default browser

To set Firefox as the default browser:
  1. At the top of the Firefox menu bar, click on the Tools
  2. Select Options...
  3. Select the Advanced panel
  4. Click the General tab, and then click
  5. Under System Defaults, check the box to always check if Firefox is the default browser
  6. Next time you open Firefox, you should be prompted to set it as the default browser
Insert Secure Key, it will then open the default browser you set.

If you don't want to change the default browser,for example, your default browser is Internet Explorer, but you want Secure Key auto-navigation to start Firefox. Do this:

  1. Get the Key Writer software

  2. Check the box to set Mode Option = Cmd Mode

  3. Set Command = firefox