Insert your key to a USB port. When the light ring is steady, press its button.

Why Mashed Life recommends a secure logon key?
  1. Plug-in to Log-In on any PC and any OS without any prior setup. Not only secure, but also convenient and elegant.

  2. Prevent password stealing, or someone who may know your password. It is immune from any key loggers, Trojan viruses.

  3. Automation - You no longer need to remember or key-in the URL! Order your key from, when plugged in to a USB port, it opens up your browser to Mashed Life, securely logs you in.

  4. Robust, no battery inside, it can be used for a long time, typically ten years.

  5. Easy to carry, put it on a key chain or in other creative ways:

  6. It is flexible. You can configure it as
    • 1-factor authentication (like a car key, used for low-risk, fun accounts, for kids and elders) or
    • 2-factor authentication (like an ATM card + your PIN).

  7. No training, no learning curve - It is so simple and worry-free that many of our key users are grandmoms & toddlers, and of course, the trendy and busy folks with massive online accounts also love it.

  8. Easy & secure sharing - you can grant employees access to log in by using the key. After the use, just take the key back.

  9. More details or Get a Secure Key.