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1. Export account information from browsers (open-source project), then import to Mashed Life

The goal is to achieve account information mobility and interoperability between browsers and Mashed Life - the secure online account management and single sign-on service.

Get the Windows binary and the source code.

2. Import account information from other password management tools

Many users request for the bulk importing feature on Mashed Life. So we did it to save users' data entry efforts, you can import your account information in bulk from the following exported formats:

First, export your account information to a file: After you log in to Mashed Life, under the Import / Export tab, you can upload your exported file from above to Mashed Life securely over SSL.

3. Mashed Life web service API (open-source project)

The goal of this project is to allow developers access Mashed Life backend services through the Mashed Life web service API. Thus developers can create your own user interface, branding, and leverage Mashed Life API as your secure backend.

Get the client SDK source code.

4. Password Safe integrated with Mashed Life (open-source project)

Password Safe is a free open-source program for storing passwords in the Windows operating system. The program was initiated by Bruce Schneier and is now maintained by a group of volunteer developers.

Thanks for volunteer efforts by Ian Lee to integrate Password Safe with Mashed Life! Now users can enjoy the best of 2 worlds. You never need to worry about losing your local Password Safe storage or synchronizing them across multiple PCs.
This is an open-source project aimed to achieve inter-operability, account information synchronization securely between the 2 popular online & off-line password management tools.
Get the Windows binary and the source code.

5. KeePass integrated with Mashed Life (open-source project)

This is an open-source project with the purpose to integrate the best of 2 worlds. KeePass is a free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager.'s online single sign-on service is a great compliment to KeePass.

6. Import your bookmarks from